Laodicea and Freedom of Choice

Laodicea and Freedom of Choice

We need to speak about Laodicea and freedom of choice because in our previous presentation, “Time to Break Through” we mentioned that sometimes Jesus’ knocking at the door of our lives is not a very gentle one (as we would like it always to be). This is why many may ask: where is my freedom of choice? Where is my free will?

We need to understand God’s sovereignty in order to understand His right to intervene in our lives. And all the time His interventions have the purpose to save us from dangers we don’t understand and realize.

The apostle Paul experienced this breaking through in his life. He never complained that God “dared” to break through and turn his plans upside down. He was always thankful for that intervention (you can read it in Acts 9). In the presentation you can see a longer list with Biblical examples of people who were blessed with special interventions from God (like us) and who still had the freedom both to keep Jesus inside their lives or to “invite” him to get out forever.

Why do we keep Jesus at the door? Why Laodiceans don’t invite Jesus insire? Here are some reasons:

  • Sometimes we don’t realize that He is out!! (Laodicea) We are very sure that He is inside, believing that our declarations of “love” are enough to keep Him inside!
  • Some are scared to lose control (as if they have it). They want to be THE BOSS. They know that God is unpredictable! If he sends you to be a missionary in China, what happens with all your plans? Or He will direct me to invest my savings in the ARK!
  • There is a lot of temporary pleasure in living a sinful life! And some don’t believe that God can offer a better quality and eternal lasting pleasures! (so called believers may “advertise” this)
  • We believe that our spiritual life is good enough (compared with others). Everything works fine and we take it as a proof that we are blessed and OK with God.  We have our routine and we are scared to make changes. (wardrobe, kitchen, entertainment, jobs etc)
  • Because we know that Jesus is good and patient. We believe the lie that we can fully repent TOMORROW.
  • We can’t see how dangerous is the Killer and we see him as a good friend and business partner.