Walk With God

The patriarch Enoch, the seventh one in the history of our world, had a very deep experience with God. He walked with God and he got so close to Him that our Lord decided to take him in Heaven. Enoch was the first human being who skipped the “station” called DEATH.
When Jesus Christ will come again He will take to Heaven the last generation of faithful believers. Jesus will take HOME those who really walked with Him like Enoch and other faithful people did.

Be Still And Know – There is so much speed, so much hurry in our lives, and often we run in vain, forgetting that we have a call, forgetting that we have a Saviour. Let’s slow down! Let’s get closer to our best Friend! Let’s walk with Him!

Our resting place – (Watch Video, it will open in a new window) The Story of a family who made big changes in their life in order to get closer to God. They started to walk with God. The video shows also a tour with their simple house in the mountains.

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