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Home education or home schooling how it is called by many is more and more an option (many are convinced it is the safest one) and a choice for many faithful Christians, no matter their denomination.

We shouldn’t choose to educate our children at home just because the public schools are not good enough. We should do it because this is God’s plan for education. To find out more about this you can read the following article:

God’s plan for the education of our children – pdf file

E.A. Sutherland was one of the Adventist pioneers who dedicated his life for the great work of education. He worked in close cooperation with E.G. White and followed the inspired advice to set up a special school, a kind of school of the prophets, called Madison. Everyone could study there, even the poorest children, because they could work to pay their fees in full. Every student had to work for at least half of his expenses, and ideally for all. This school was a miracle. You can find out more about what happened there and how everything started reading the book  Madison – God’s Beautiful Farm: The E. A. Sutherland Story, By Ira Gish, Harry M Christman

Here it is a copy of the book Studies in Christian Educationwritten by E.A. Sutherland. It is a very precious book and a big help for those who want to follow God’s will in the schools already established but which are so far from what they should be .

You can find below some useful links for the Christians who are thinking to educate their children at home. We all need some help.

www.adventisthomeducator.org  Here you can find many good articles, legal advice and resources.

home education handbook – very useful information and legal advice for home educators in UK, everything in a pdf file which can be downloaded following the link provided

If you want to buy home education textbooks prepared from a Christian perspective for each grade:

www.abeka.com  You can buy complete kits or just a few textbooks if you want. For those living outside of USA you may find out that the postage fees are sometimes big and it’s better to buy more textbooks (for 2-3 grades in advance maybe)

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