How can I find God?

Please watch this interesting video, about amazing prophecies fulfilled in the life of One person:

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We do greet everybody! No matter your background, no matter your beliefs, no matter your social status, no matter if you strongly believe that there is an Almighty God or you have strong doubts about this. We all have our questions, our doubts. Sometimes we fear to express them, sometimes we think we have all the arguments to believe or not to believe something. There is hope for all of us.

How can I find God? Does He really exist? These are fundamental questions and we hope that this website will be a good guide in your search for the truth.

If you long to have the assurance that you walk on the right path, we hope that what you find here will be helpful and meaningful.

Review of events to come – the study of the book of Daniel will lead each one of us to the understanding of the fact that some important events are about to happen and that there is hope for this planet (in spite of all the pessimistic scenarios). For a deeper understanding of the topic please watch the videos about Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 in the ABC section Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled.

The present conflict between Islam and Christianity seems to get worst every day. Did you know that the Bible predicted this conflict and what we see today is just the third part? (Two other episodes, both predicted in the Bible, are already history and they are a key to understand the present one?) For more information please visit the page Islam in Bible Prophecy.

Another area of big interest for many people is the Occult and all its branches. In the following video you can find out how Occult is related to Martial Arts:

Have no time to waste? Where do you hurry? Worried about tomorrow? And if tomorrow never comes, for you…?
Take time for your soul! You’ll have no regrets doing this!

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    • shalom! sorry for the delay in responding to your request. there were some technical issues which are now solved.
      those three colours are the colours of the Romanian flag. behind this website is a Romanian “tool” in God’s hands, by His grace… hope this is not a stumbling block for anyone 🙂

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