Proof that the Bible is true

Proof that the Bible is true

Many people ask for the proof that the Bible is true. In the two video presentations you can see many proofs, not just one, in favor of the reliability of the Bible. First of all, here are some facts about the Bible:

  • The Bible is an incredible book, a collection of 66 books (39+27), written by 39 authors in 1500 years (~1400 BC – 100 AD)!
  • The original languages of the Bible: Hebrew, Aramaic, Koine Greek
  • 1382 AD – first translation in English – John Wycliffe
  • 1454 AD – the Bible was the first book printed in the world! (Johannes Guttenberg, inventor of printing press)

Proof that the Bible is true: Archaeology, History and Quran about the Bible

In this first presentation you can see information about the reliability of the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the last 100 years Archaeology came with many strong evidences which support the reliability of the Bible (more details in the video presentation). We mention also the verses from the Quran which show that the Bible can be trusted. We answer also the question: why the New Testament was written in Greek when all the apostles were Jews?

Proof that the Bible is true: science and the Bible. Fulfilled predictions of the Bible

In the second presentation you can see the relation between Science and the Bible. The fathers of modern science were, most of them, strong Bible believers. Even in our times, though the theories of Darwin enchanted many minds, there is a big awakening among the scientist and many of them reject Darwin’s theories.

Finally, in the same second video, you can see some examples of prophecies, predictions made by the Bible which are already fulfilled. No human mind could make those predictions without being inspire by the One who leads the whole history of the world.


4 thoughts on “Proof that the Bible is true

  1. How do you answer people who point out the many different translations which in many places directly contradict each other when they use this argument to show we have no reliable English representation of the original writings?

    • i haven’t really met people able to point precisely to those contradictions you speak about. most of the translations do agree with each other. differences are too minor and don’t change the meaning. general discussions are not very productive. if smb speaks about a specific verse, the conversation can clarify the issues. KJV is a very good translation (though it is not a perfect one). for one to know the truth and follow God, any translation should be good enough. and this is the purpose of the Bible.

  2. Further on the above question, they follow with the fact of the originals being lost, there is no way of knowing the originals were not changed even in the original languages.

    • we speak about thousands of years, not just few decades. this is why the originals were not preserved. some copies were preserved, like the Dead Sea Scrolls and other more recent discoveries of ancient biblical texts. they confirm that the Bible we have today (both in Hebrew, Greek and translations) is reliable. you will find in the 2 videos posted more info about this topic. i fixed the problem which made the videos unavailable. may the Lord bless you with wisdom when you need to answer to those who have doubts. the same doubts people should have about many ancient writings (the works of Socrates, Plato etc). what we know as Christians is that God’s hand preserved the accuracy of the Bible and anything connected with our salvation is not touched in the Bible. God allowed some small things to be changed in this long period of time and those who are not seeking the truth may stumble on this little things. why God allowed this and why we don’t claim that the Bible is 100% accurate and exactly like the original manuscripts? i think it is a test for our hearts. those who honestly seek Him, don’t stumble on this. there is enough evidence for a solid faith in the Bible and the God of the Bible. those who want to doubt will always find reasons to doubt…

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