Who Is Jesus

Who is Jesus? Does it matter?

Who is Jesus? – This is one of the crucial questions we have to ask. The answer we find can change completely our world view, our priorities, our lives. His coming in this world was predicted hundreds of years before His birth. And there is an amazing mathematical accuracy in the fulfillment of many prophecies in the Old Testament: the year of His baptism and the year of His death were predicted long time before. You can read more about this on the page dedicated to the prophecy from Daniel 9:24-27. Some scholars are saying that around 300 prophecies mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible were fulfilled in the life of Jesus. You can read about some of them in the section Prophecy About Jesus.

An average informed agnostic (we discredit the use of the term “atheist” and you can read the reason in the page called Atheist or Agnostic?) has to answer this question about Who is Jesus?, before going ahead with his searches for good answers for his honest questions about the meaning of life. Because any agnostic will consider history the right tool to investigate this question, we discuss it in the section Jesus in History (some may prefer the title Historicity of Jesus).

An honest Muslim faces the same difficult question Who is Jesus?, because the Qur’an speaks about Jesus. And we treat this question in the section Qur’an about Jesus (not ready yet).

In the section Was Jesus God?, the answer will be one of interest for many people: there are Christians who say that Jesus was not God. The Muslims are saying that Jesus was a great prophet of God, but not God. It is one of the most debated topics and knowing the correct answer is vital.

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