Raw Food Vegetarians

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, considered the father of the Western medicine, said those famous words: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

The testimony of those who chose the Raw Diet regime and continued to do it for a long time is the best argument in favour of doing the same. Health is not something we have by chance.

How old is somebody who looks like this man: 35 or 65?

How old is this woman: 40 or 70?

All these examples and many others show what a miracle can happen into our bodies when we use the right “fuel” to feed and energize ourselves.

What about meat and diary products? Aren’t they good at all? Not even the fish? Let’s see what science says about this:

But what about proteins? How do we get them from plants? Dr T. Collin Campbell led a vast research about diet and published the results in the book China Study. Here you can watch something about proteins, and  about meat and dairy food:

You can watch here also some questions being answered by Dr. Brian Clement, director at the Hippocrates Institute:

Dr Michael Klaper  speaks about the fact that we are not made to be meat eaters, our body is not built for this kind of diet!

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