Come Out Of Babylon

“Come Out of Babylon My People” – God’s call for every generation

“Come Out of Babylon My People” may sound a bit strange for somebody who is not familiar with the Biblical text. The term Babylon comes from the Tower of Babel. In Genesis 11 we have a description of a mass rebellion. After the Flood, people who didn’t want to worship the true God and obey His commandments, gathered together and decided to build the Tower of Babel. They didn’t believe God’s promise that there will be no more water flood on earth. They also rebelled against God’s commandment to spread over the earth and populate it. When God says that we should come out of Babylon, it means that we have to imitate Jesus example and to follow God’s advices given through the prophets of the Bible. Every area of our lives should have a Biblical foundation. A clear “It is written” should label any action, all our feelings, plans and daily choices.

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her [out of Babylon], my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Rev 18:4

6 Days in Babylon, by Christian Berdahl – a very powerful message, so much needed in these dangerous times. An Echo of God’s call: “Come out of Babylon, My people!”

“The heavenly principles that distinguish those who are one with Christ from those who are one with the world have become almost indistinguishable. The professed followers of Christ are no longer a separate and peculiar people. The line of demarcation is indistinct. The people are subordinating themselves to the world, to its practices, its customs, its selfishness… Daily the church is being converted to the world.” COL 315

There are so many influences around us and all have a contribution to our character building. What we eat, what we watch, the music we listen, the place where we live, the friends we have, the way we perceive God, the quality of the time we spend to know Him, the way we recreate, our education and many others, they all influence our characters. We are either going in the direction of becoming fully “Babylonians” or we go in the Heavenly direction. We may say that our hearts are ok, no matter how we live our lives, but the fruits of our lives, our daily choices are a powerful proof that we go in one direction or the other one.

Come Out Of Babylon My People - diagram - Character Building Influences

“As we near the close of time the demarcation between the children of light and the children of darkness will be more and more decided. They will be more and more at variance. This difference is expressed in the words of Christ, “born again”–created anew in Christ, dead to the world, and alive unto God. These are the walls of separation that divide the heavenly from the earthly and describe the difference between those who belong to the world and those who are chosen out of it, who are elect, precious in the sight of God.” LDE 217

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  1. Dear Saints of the Most High God, Special Christian greetings to you in the Name Of Our Lord and Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ who is soon to come. Please I need more information from you soon. Iam an Independent and Self-Supporting Elder in Zambia-Luapula Province. Continue being faithful to Him who called you and sent you for many be called but very few are chosen who are blessed like you. Continue the tremendous work you are doing by spreading proclaiming the PRESENT TRUTH MESSAGE which is needed in these last days of the Earth’s history and very soon you will be rewarded. Three Angels Messages must be proclaimed around the whole world and followed by Four Angel Message then Jesus will come soon. Iam looking forward to hearing from you soon and God bless you all and your beloved families and may His coming rejoice your hearts.

    • may the Lord bless you with courage and wisdom. we need both of them in these times. independent ministries are the best option now, considering the situation. let me know what kind of information do you need and we will try to help.

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