Religions vs The True Religion

Whenever somebody will lift up his/her eyes toward Heaven and will seek to get closer to God, another dilemma rises: there is any pure religion with a correct teaching about God?  People adhere to one of the following positions:

1.All religions are like the political parties, each one with its own understanding about God and with its own propaganda. So there is something wrong and the best thing is to avoid all of them, all these organised faith groups.

2.Some religions are closer to the right teaching about divinity and to adhere to one of these faiths is better than to remain isolated.

3.There must be only one religious group whose creed is in harmony with the divine revelation and which is called by God to share their knowledge about God with the whole world. The true God can’t be a God of confusion. And there must be an enemy whose best interest is to create confusion to prevent (or make it very difficult) people from finding the right path to Heaven.

Secret societies – a presentation by Walter Veith about the secret behind the secret societies. The lecturer exposes some very interesting facts about these secret societies.

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