Women Ordination – Role of Women in the Church

Women Ordination in the XXI-st Century

Women Ordination as pastors and elders is a very hot topic. In the SDA church, the first compromise was made 1975 when church leaders at the 1975 Spring Council meeting approved the biblically compromising practice of ordaining women as local elders in the North American Division. Later, they succeeded in persuading church leaders at the Fall 1984 Annual Council meeting to reaffirm and expand the 1975 decision, voting to “advise each division that it is free to make provisions as it may deem necessary for the election and ordination of women as local elders.” None of the meetings were General Conference meetings where delegates from the whole world are voting. The introduction of this unbiblical innovation to ordain women as elders was never approved by the delegates of the General Conference to be introduced in the Church Manual.

Because the first step was successful and women ordination came in the church through the back door, the feminist movement became more decided to win another battle: to push the second unbiblical innovation, to ordain women as pastors. At General Conference meetings in 1990 and 1995 this initiative was rejected by the delegates of the church from the whole world.

There are huge changes in our society, compared with how it was 50 or 100 years ago. Some changes are good but some are not. The feminist movement influenced a lot the contemporary theology. Many people abandon their Bible when they face the big pressure of the culture around them. Most of us are afraid that we can be labeled as being misogynes, Talibans, fundamentalists.

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