Halloween Origins

Halloween Origins – History and Significance

Halloween gains more and more popularity. And it is a big business around it. Few people think about its origins and fewer decide to avoid any involvement in the practices promoted for this day. Should we and our families be involved in celebrating the Halloween? Is it a Christian holy day or a “hellyday”? If Halloween is not Christian, which are its origins? Let’s find out.

The following video contains information about the origins of Halloween:

If it doesn’t show here, please follow this link.

The next video we invite you to watch is a testimony of a former satanist, Glenn Hobbs. Some details are a bit shocking but the reality of Halloween is not just shocking but very painful for many. There is nothing funny at all. You can watch it here. (if it doesn’t show below)

The next one brings more testimonies from former satanists about the same horrific Halloween practices:

There is anything we can do on this day? Instead of being part of what usually happens on this day and on the other hand to avoid isolation, a good advice would be to get a good stock of good Christian books (and some healthy sweets, like dates, strawberries etc) and hand them out to those who will visit you. It can be a very blessed “treat” for many people who don’t know too much about the origins of Halloween. All they need is a loving, patient Christian answer to many questions they might have.

Say NO To Halloween T-Shirt Printing

If you want to print some T-shirts with “Say NO to Halloween”, you can use this picture. (it will open in a new window)

We prepared also some small leaflets to be given to those interested. If you want to print one or edit/modify it feel free to download it from here. It is prepared for an A6 format. You have to place four of them on a A4 page to print them, like here.

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