What Is After Death

What Is After Death According to the Bible?

What is after death is probably the biggest question any human being can have. We all feel that death is something cruel, that our life shouldn’t be so fragile, that we shouldn’t die. So much research is done to understand the human body and to discover the secrets of longevity. But we don’t want just longevity. We would like to live, to live forever. And this was the original plan for us: to live forever. It is still God’s plan for us, not to die, but to live forever.

What is after death according to the Bible

What Is After Death? – by Joe Crews

What Is After Death? – Death Mystery Solved – by Mark Finley

There is so much hope and comfort to know that life on this planet is not an accident. Our existence is not an accident but it has a purpose, it has a meaning. It is such a big blessing to know that when you die, you just go to sleep until the day of resurrection. In that day, when Jesus will come back on earth, He will take with Him all those who accepted Him in their lives.

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