We all can have real experiences with God. And we all are invited to have these experiences.

In this section you can watch the testimonies of some people who come from big darkness to the big Light which can be found in the Bible.

Watch and share these videos with as many friends as possible. For some they can be a turning point, a new start in the discovery of the truth and of the Truth!

The Testimony of a former Illuminati -Mark Cleminson – a very powerful testimony. You’ll have no regrets for the time spent watching his presentation.

Walter VeithFrom Evolutionist to Creationist – Is it possible to be a university teacher and teach biology at that level, from an evolutionist perspective and then to realize that you are wrong and that there is a better way? Watch the powerful testimony of this professor from South Africa.

Roger Morneau – Interview part 1 – From involvement in Satanic worship

Roger Morneau – Interview part 2 – Answers to prayers

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