Islam in Bible Prophecy

Islam in Bible Prophecy – Do we have information about Islam in the Bible?

Islam in Bible Prophecy – it is not a question, but an affirmation. The rise of Islam was predicted in the Bible by God. There are three conflicts between Christianity and Islam  presented in the Bible. Two of them can be seen in the past, in history. And we are contemporary with the third one.

What does the Bible say about Islam - Seven Trumpets in the Book of Revelation

Islam plays a very interesting role in the modern times. Many people are confused about its origins, about its present influence and about its destiny. After 9/11 (11th of September 2001) the interest about Islam grew among many people. The Bible has some very interesting information about this monotheistic religion.

The Role of Islam in Bible Prophecy   – a video presentation by TimRoosenberg. Because we are sure you will like his presentation, you can watch more videos about this topic on his website dedicated to Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy

The seven trumpets, Revelation 8 & 9 – You can watch here two short video presentations about the seven trumpets, which were seven judgments. The first four came through the so called barbarian tribes. In the last three we see a surprise.

The third woe, Revelation 11:14 – The third woe is part of the 6th trumpet. Because the first and the second woe represented the Islam in Bible prophecy, the third woe represents the same power. What happened in New York on the 11th of September 2001, represents the beginning of the third woe. This presentation is a bit more difficult for beginners, but it speaks about our times.

For a more detailed explanation of the seven trumpets, we strongly recommend the reading of this material: The Seven Trumpets, by Uriah Smith

Islam in Bible Prophecy and History – Islamic Connection is one of the most interesting presentations of prof. Walter Veith. Be ready for some interesting revelations about the birth of Islam, its development and contemporary events.


Ottoman Empire Map Maximum Extent (1299, 1449, 1699) - Islam in Bible Prophecy


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