Daniel 11 explained – Who Is The Antichrist

Daniel 11 explained completely – Who Is The Antichrist

Daniel 11 explained verses 1-39  – this part covers most of the chapter, starting with the kingdom of Persia and the conflict with Greece. From the kingdom of Greece we have, after the death of Alexander the Great, 2 competitors: the kingdom of the North (Syria) and the kingdom of the South (Egypt). The conflict between these 2 powers is described up tp verse 14. In this last verse we have a new power entering the battle field: ROME (pagan Rome). The rise and growth of pagan Rome is described from verse 14 until verse 29. For those familiar with the prophecies from Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, it is not a surprise all this sequence. Daniel 11 repeats the structure from previous chapters and adds some more information. In verse 30 until verse 39 there is a description of the papal Rome (so similar with what we see in Daniel 7).

Daniel 11 explained verses 40-41 – in this second presentation we find the beginning of the last section of Daniel 11. The main actors are the papal Rome, Communism and USA.

Daniel 11 explained verses 42-45  – This part explains the role of papal Rome in the final events of the history, the persecution of the true believers and God’s intervention.