Tithe And The Battle For Money

Tithe in the Bible – The Battle for money and the battle for the hearts

Tithe is the tenth part of the income of a person. Some people don’t like to talk about this topic, others talk too much maybe about it. Some become very suspicious if you say that not all the money belong to them. We just don’t want to lose anything, we are not happy to give to anybody… not even to God.

In the study The Tithe – The Battle For Money And Hearts (click here to see the study or to download it) in pdf format you find out what does the Bible say about this topic and some practical advice from different other books about this topic.

The structure of the study is the following one:

1.The tithe in the Old Testament
1.1.Owner or administrator / steward?
1.2.Tithe before the existence of the Jewish people
1.3.Tithe and the Jews
2.The tithe in the New Testament and today
2.1.Tithe and the Christians from the first century
2.2.Tithe and the Christians today

There is a terrible battle for money, visible in the economies of all the countries, in the business of big companies, in the taxation system of every nation etc. Less visible is the battle for money between Christ and Satan. It doesn’t mean that Jesus or His adversary need our money for their personal benefit. They don’t need our money for that. But they both know that where our treasure is, there will be our heart as well!!! Sometimes we don’t have full freedom to decide what happens with our money (if we speak about taxes paid to the state and how the money is used), but in many cases we decide what we do with the money we earn or receive from other sources.   

  Tithe And The Battle For Heart And Money

When we spend money just or mostly for our benefit, there is a spiritual danger associated with this. Beyond the battle for our money, there is a bigger battle, an invisible one, for our hearts. On this planet there are so many actions, projects. All of them have different sources of inspiration but there are only two big sources: God or His adversary. Our decision to support those projects inspired by God will be a blessing for ourselves and for many others, beneficiaries of those projects. Our duty and responsibility is to decide where our “treasure” goes. It will have an eternal impact for everybody.