Laodicea And Secrets To Become Beautiful

Laodicea And Secrets To Become Beautiful

It’s all about beauty! So much time is invested by people, so much money, so much technology, just to improve the exterior beauty. Laodicean richness is used heavily in this direction. And still we are in a desperate situation, from God’s perspective.

God created everything beautiful, but since and Adam and Eve fell into sin, not everything around us is beautiful. There is still a lot of beauty around us and this makes us long for perfection, for greater beauty. When Jesus knocks at our door, if we accept Him inside and if we make Him Lord over our lives, His desire is to transform us into the most beautiful people in the world.

The most beautiful created being was Lucifer. If we want to learn how somebody can lose his / her beauty, we have to learn from what happened with Lucifer, why did he become Satan?

For all those willing to make improvements in terms of beauty, the Bible reveals very interesting information. The One who created everything beautiful, the Author of beauty is the only one who knows the secrets to become beautiful or to improve the beauty.

Very soon we will be witnesses to a revelation of beautiful people. The Bible calls them a remnant of faithful people who walk with God. They have a complete beauty: spiritual one, intellectual one and physical one. This complete beauty can be achieved by all those who accept Jesus’ call: “Follow Me”. It is not a one second transformation, but a process which lasts the whole life.

Complete Beauty - Inner Beauty, Physical Beauty