Creeping Compromise by Joe Crews pdf book

Creeping Compromise is one of the few books written by Joe Crews about the spiritual dangers we face in our times. Joe Crews (1924-1994) was the founder of Amazing Facts ministry. Most of his efforts were focused on helping people to know Jesus and understand the Bible. This book is different and it’s addressed to those who want to perfect their walk with God. There are many ethical topics discussed in the book. Sadly, you can’t hear similar messages today from the pulpits of most of the churches. May it be a blessing for all those confused or disappointed of what’s happening among those who claim to follow Jesus.

Creeping compromise by Joe Crews (pdf book) – you can read and download the book when you click the title of the book.

The titles of the chapters, as you can read them below, are more than convincing to make all those who want to walk with God to read the whole book.

Chapters of the book Creeping Compromise:
1.Our Enemy-The World
2.Is Nudity Modest?
3.Double Standard Exposed
5.Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry
6.Television Trap
7.Lawfully Joined
9.Music and Moods
9.Meat or Unmeat
10.Potlucks and Principles
11.Destroying Your Witness
12.Legalism or Love

Another book on the same topic and completing the first one is Reaping the Whirlwind (click the title to read it or to download it), signed by the same author Joe Crews. This second book explains the dangers of the “new” theology and how it facilitated the compromises.

Chapters of the book Reaping the Whirlwind:

1. Laodicea – An Unholy Mixture
2. Diagnosing Doctrinal Doubts
3. The Wedge of Worldly Infiltration
4. New Theology and the Sifting
5. No Time for Easy Listening
6. Apostasy Waiting in the Wings
7. The “New Theology” Attacks
8. Satan’s War Against Perfection
9. Facing Our Defects Honestly
10. Time for the Straight Testimony
11. The Fearful and Careless Shaken Out